C is for CULT

Secondaria di II grado


C is for CULT

Communication, Culture, Language, Technology


This session focuses on some of the principal learning challenges students encounter on a daily basis and aims to offer a series of strategies for dealing with them. Motivating and engaging students are perhaps the most difficult tasks which teachers face. However, specifically selected stimulating materials covering a range of diverse cross-curricular themes make the classroom experience far more enjoyable for all. We will also look at a variety of practical ways to make learning vocabulary fun.


First Session

  • Today’s students must be encouraged to make connections between the materials they are studying, books, films, art, other school subjects and the world about us: connections which provide both language practice and education in the fullest sense 
  • IWB software packages and pre-prepared technological resources accompanying courses make this approach far easier and more enjoyable than ever before and we’ll be demonstrating how to exploit these resources effectively

Second Session

  • The second session will look in detail at how we can help develop students’ vocabulary knowledge and ensure that they can commit lexis to memory and use it effectively


  • To link historical, geographical and cultural themes using the basic instruments offered by most IWB software packages 
  • To demonstrate how to use ready-made, easy-to-use digital materials to enhance a traditional lesson 
  • To help teachers understand the didactic background behind a lexis-based approach to English language teaching 
  • To give students all the tools they need to expand their vocabulary and to develop their language competences


English Language Teaching Consultant


Possibilità di organizzare il seminario in forma mista con una durata totale di 4 ore di cui 1 ora online


3 ore