Pops Songs in Language Learning

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Pops Songs in Language Learning

How to bring this powerful medium into the classroom to fix vocabulary and structures


You may be surprised to realise that your students often spend hours listening to authentic mother-tongue English every day – on YouTube, Spotify, Musical.ly and even on the radio. Pop music is everywhere, and the majority of it is in the target language – we should therefore bring this powerful medium into the classroom. This workshop looks at how to use songs successfully to enable students to fix vocabulary and grammar structures into their long-term memory, using practical examples based on the highly successful school-based Tune Into English Roadshow. Doing songs in the classroom also offers students the chance to practice and improve their listening skills. This is important as listening is one of the key competences covered in the INVALSI exam for English.



First session

• Presentation of why using songs is a successful way to learn English

• Which songs to choose

Second session

• Practical activities to demonstrate how the use of songs complements the language syllabus and help build key competences and life skills

• How to prepare a song worksheets and activities



• To present ideas about how to exploit students’ awareness of the language used in pop music, to help them learn English

• To show how songs and their associated activities help build and develop students’ awareness of life skills like empathy and self-awareness

• To enable the teacher to prepare materials appropriate for their own students’ needs, which promotes inclusion within the classroom



Fergal Kavanagh: has taught at Scuola Secondaria di 2° grado, the British Council and the University “L’Orientale” in Naples. He has held teacher training sessions throughout Italy and Europe; through his website www.tuneintoenglish.com and his Roadshow he promotes the use of songs as his favourite teaching strategy



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